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Your car – an asset or liability? | Saving to Inve$t
According to accounting definitions, a car can only be classified as an asset if its current value is greater than what you owe on it (car loan). The other reason a .

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Liability Law and Loaning Your Car - Lawyers.com
Before letting someone borrow or use your car, know some of the circumstances when you could pay for the driver's accident.

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When your friend crashes your car: The rules of auto liability | Insure ...
Mar 12, 2010 . If you loan your car to a friend, he causes an accident and both of . The car owner's liability covers property damage caused by his or her car.

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Liable For Auto Loan If Car Is Returned? | Bankrate.com
Mar 9, 2012 . Are you responsible for a co-signed auto loan even if the buyer returned the car?

Reaffirm car loan after bankruptcy?
Aug 17, 2010 . Agreeing to pay a car loan after it's cleared by bankruptcy is only . means the car will be repossessed, sold and you will be liable for any .

Your Worst Enemy: The Friend Who Crashes Your Car | Insurance ...
Nov 8, 2010 . 1: Your friend crashes your car, and you both have low liability limits. Let's say you loan your car to a friend and he crashes it, causing an .

Lessons in Liability - What if Someone Else Crashes Your Car?
If you loan your car to a friend, and they cause an accident, however, the . Here are three scenarios that involve liability when someone else crashes your car: .

Does a cosigner have any liability if the owner of vehicle has an ...
. that is the amount of value above the amount of the secured loan on the car, . Does the owner of a vehicle have any liability if the co-buyer has an accident .

What happens to my insurance when I loan out my car? | QuoteWizard
If you borrow an uninsured car, you, the driver, are liable for any penalties that result from this (such as a ticket), not the owner. However, owners aren't .

TEXAS LAW ALERT - Queenan Law Firm
Are owners of cars liable when they loan their cars to someone who then drives negligently? Are husbands liable for the careless driving of their wives? Mothers .

Car Title Loans Are Liable To Leave You Taking The Bus - The ...
Oct 8, 2008 . You surely already know better, because you're a loyal Consumerist reader, but stay far, far away from the form of legalized usury known as car .

What happens when you lend someone your car, and they get into ...
Apr 15, 2010 . The person who drove your car, CAN be liable for all damages, IF you can . We both have cars and insurance and I loan you my car and you .

loan - Car Insurance Comparison
Auto Loan & Car Insurance State laws dictate the minimum amount of car insurance for liability that you must carry on your vehicle and the remaining insurance .

Car Accident Liability & Lawsuit Loans for Injury Claims
Car accident liability and insurance information pertaining to negligence. Interested in lawsuit funding and legal cash advances, apply with us.

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What is the liability of a co-signer of a car loan in Fla.? - Avvo.com
would my house and bank accounts be at risk in case of an at fault . Are you on the title or just the car loan documents? . In the event of an .

held liable for spouses debt on a car loan
Nov 16, 2011 . my husband had a car loan and the car was totaled and there was a balance of 1900.00 and he is sick and no longer employed, can I be held .

Co-signing Questions including "What do you do if you have ...
Cosigner Rights Upon Repossession I am a co-signer for a large car loan for one of . A co-signer is jointly and severally liable on the note, but doesn't have any .

Car Loans, Reaffirmation Agreements and “Keep and Pay”
The first is to “reaffirm” the car loan. This means that you sign a document, that must be approved by the Court, making you permanently liable for the car loan, .

Reaffirming Car Loans in Massachusetts Bankruptcy
Jun 9, 2008 . Reaffirmation Agreements make the debtor permanently liable for the car loan. The bankruptcy discharge will offer no protection from collection .

Car Loan Calculator - Car Finance Calculator
Whilst every effort has been made in building the car loan calculator tool, I am not to be held liable for any special, incidental, indirect or consequential damages .

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Can you insure someone else's vehicle?
For example, if you loan your car to your best friend and ask him to get his own . If you insure someone else's vehicle for liability, then there is no need to list .

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How do I legally loan my friend my car? - carloan insurance | Ask ...
How can I loan/lease a car to a friend for a short period of time without being liable if he/she gets in an accident? YANML, but I'm leaving the .

Selling a car, 'owner carry' (credit, loan, payments, financial ...
Sep 21, 2008 . I don't want to be legally liable for the car if something happens. . and the loan " note" stating the usual items of payment amounts, number of .

Does Auto Insurance Cover Friends Driving My Car? - CarsDirect
Jul 20, 2009 . Some types of car insurance cover third-party drivers, but liability . own, if you had permission or not or if it was a rental or dealership loaner.

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Minimum Coverage Requirements for Owned ... - Car Insurance Rates
Maybe you finally paid off the loan on your new car and you're trying to . a vehicle and you need to know what damage you'll be held liable for in the case of an .

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Liability of car loan from deceased parent - LawGuru.com
Jul 21, 2005 . Wills and Trusts in Massachusetts : Liability of car loan from deceased parent My father just died, left only debt and a small life insurance policy.

The Risks of Cosigned Car Loans - loan.com
Opting for a cosigned car loan can make your loan less expensive even if you have a bad . This shared liability is just one of the risks of cosigned car loan.

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Reaffirming Car Loans in Bankruptcy - Nolo's Bankruptcy ...
Feb 23, 2011 . Lots of lenders don't like the idea of borrowers being off the liability hook for the car note, especially if the loan is for a new model car.

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Auto Loan Terms and Bankruptcy: What to Expect - Autos.com
In Chapter 7 bankruptcy, all assets are liquidated, which of course means you lose the car and are liable for any amount of the loan that is not covered by the .

What Liability Do I Have When My Child Loans Her Car to Another ...
What Liability Do I Have When My Child Loans Her Car to Another Child?. Car insurance policies cover drivers and their cars when an accident occurs.

If I loan someone my vehicle who would be liable if an accident ...
May 25, 2009 . If I loan someone my vehicle who would be liable if an accident occurs? Automobiles Legal Questions & Answers.

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