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loan debt of a deceased spouse

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Am I Liable for My Deceased Husband's Debts?
You may or may not be responsible for your deceased spouse's debts depending . The law does not work that way, with the exception of federal student loans.

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Deceased Spouse's Medical Bills
Resolving a Deceased Spouse's Bills. Medical bills are unsecured debt, which is like credit card debt, a deficiency balance, or a payday loan. See What Are My .

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Debt After Death
You have no personal liability for a deceased spouse's debt if you resided in a . The law does not work that way, with the exception of federal student loans.

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Am I Liable for My Deceased Wife's Debts?
She also has a car loan in her name only which she purchased credit insurance on. We own a home . Deceased Spouse's Debt in Community Property States .

Who's responsible for a deceased spouse's card debt?
Jul 9, 2008 . Who's responsible for a deceased spouse's card debt? It depends on state law, the estate and your account status. By Alan Klayman .

Can Deceased Spouse Debt Affect Your Credit? | PrivacyMatters.com
Find out if surviving spouse is responsible for deceased spouse debt including . debts.4 Let's say, for example, that your late husband had a secured loan (i.e., .

CC Debt of Deceased Spouse
It sounds in this case though the living spouse was not aware of the credit card debt/loan & what it was used for. Did the deceased spouse have .

Debt After Death | FreeScore.com
Debt Consolidation And Loans What happens to credit card debt for a deceased spouse or the financial legal obligations for the debt of a dead spouse is largely .

Filing taxes with deceased spouse's info (pay, tax, employment ...
Mar 14, 2011 . I went to file my taxes at H&R Block and the tax preparer helping me said something that seems dubious to me. But then again, I know nothing .

Are You Responsible For Your Deceased Relative's Debts?
Am you responsible for your deceased relatives debts? . What if the deceased relative is my spouse, parent or sibling? . If your husband or wife dies owing money on a loan or credit card that was solely in his or her name, you are not .

Deceased Persons Debt
Deceased persons debt - are you being harrased for the debt of a relative who died? . Certain assets may pass to beneficiaries or spouses outside the estate and so they . Responsible for deceased mother's mortgage loan I lost my mom on .

Does a spouse have to repay student loans after the person with the ...
The student loan should be paid out of the estate of the deceased before it is distributed to the spouse. If there isn't enough to cover the debt, the spouse should .

When Can You Inherit Debt? | San Diego Law Firm
Jan 30, 2012 . The exception: if the deceased spouse had property that was legally . the deceased for example, for a car loan, business loan, or other debt .

Debts Of A Deceased Spouse
Debts Of A Deceased Spouse. February 28, 2012. debts Losing a loved one . still legally collectable from the spouse, with the exception of student loan debts.

Consolidate loanspouse student click to consolidate debt and lower ...
Similarly, student loan consolidation results in lowering of interest rates too. . away and there was no spousal consolidation, estate of deceased spouse is not .

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Are You Obligated to Pay a Deceased Spouse's Debt If You Are Not ...
Are You Obligated to Pay a Deceased Spouse's Debt If You Are Not on the Loan ?. Your obligation to pay your deceased spouse's debt depends on the type of .

What is the financial responsibility of family members when one dies ...
This includes credit card debt... Are You Obligated to Pay a Deceased Spouse's Debt If You Are Not on the Loan? Your obligation to pay your deceased .

Deceased Spouse Left $33000 Worth of Credit Card Debt. What ...
Nov 24, 2009 . Deceased Spouse Left $33000 Worth of Credit Card Debt. . It? Teresa · My Wife Just Died at Work and I Have $100000 of Student Loans.

Debt Liability and Collection After Death | CreditFYI.com
Debt liability and collection after debt, including steps to take and how to handle . only after the estate's settled remaining debts starting with major secured loans . If you're the deceased's spouse, and therefore estate executor, you will be .

How to Handle the Debts of a Deceased Loved One | Credit.com ...
Dec 12, 2011 . How to Handle the Debts of a Deceased Loved One . If your spouse dies, it does not automatically mean that you are liable for unpaid credit . meaning that secured debt like mortgages or car loans will be prioritized first.

Who is responsible for your deceased spouse's credit card debt in ...
Can a cosigner of a car loan be brought into a lawsuit in jury accident? Answer it! . Is the spouse of a deceased credit card holder responsible for their debt?

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What Happens to a Loan if the Borrower Dies? - loan.com
Specific laws on the legal procedures the deceased's lender must follow to . the deceased's spouse may be held liable for any debts the individual accrued .

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Surviving Spouse Liability for Deceased Spouse's Debt Under ...
Surviving Spouse Liability for Deceased Spouse's Debt Under Rental . If a spouse has student loan (not sure if it's private or federal) and that .

Debt And Tax Relief | AllmandLaw
Foreclosure Assistance, Loan Modification and . When your deceased spouse has credit card debt, there are different factors that help determine who is .

Debt After Death of A Spouse | ClearPoint Credit Counseling (CCCS)
Not only do surviving spouses have to practice efficient debt management skills on one income, but in . This could affect what you will have to pay, depending on the credit debt that your deceased spouse incurred. . Not a loan company.

Am I Liable for My Husband's Debts?
May 21, 2009 . If your spouse takes out credit cards or loans but you are not named in . a lawsuit against you for repayment of your deceased spouse's debts.

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Dealing with Debt After Death: Your Rights & Responsibilities
Oct 6, 2011 . You can inherit debt from a deceased spouse in community property states, but . If you're the co-signer on a loan for a friend, spouse, or family .

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What is the colorado law for deceased spouse debt that the ...
Question - What is the colorado law for deceased spouse debt that the. . This debt is credit card debt, But there is a loan with direct loans for a college education .

Liability Of Decease Spouse For Debt In New York
Apr 3, 2012 . What is your liability for the debt of your deceased spouse? . for the credit card or personal loan is the one responsible for paying those debts, .

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Does the debt of a deceased person get written off? (credit cards ...
Sep 3, 2010 . Does the debt of a deceased person get written off? . At that point, if you have debt, only a spouse or co-signer is liable for it. There is no estate .

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Are you responsible for your spouse's credit card debt after they die?
When a loved on dies, the family that the deceased leaves behind is left to handle . One option for paying off some immediate debt is to get a loan for this debt.

Is a surviving spouse liable for credit crad debt and car loan under ...
Is the surviving spouse liable for a deceased spouse's debt in Tennessee? The estate is . Is surviving spouse responsible for auto loan of deceased spouse?

Do debts die with the debtor's death?
Sep 3, 2010 . Debts of a deceased person will be guided by 3 questions: . by him will be automatically become the responsibility of the deceased's spouse, . loan or credit agreement (secured or unsecured) with the deceased person and .

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