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John Incandela
John Incandela

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Mortgage, Loan, Lending and Related Fraud - StopFraud.gov
Reverse Mortgage Scams: Reverse mortgages can be useful products, but have . predatory lending and mortgage fraud is to shop around for a mortgage loan.

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Florida Loan Officer Gets 5+ Years for $2.5 - Reverse Mortgage Daily
Jan 23, 2012 . A florida loan officer was sentenced by U.S. District Court Judge William P. Dimitrouleas in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., for participating in a nationwide .

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Mortgage Fraud Blog - Loan Officer Sentenced for Reverse ...
Dec 21, 2011 . John Incandela, 25, Palm Beach, Fla., a loan officer was sentenced by U.S. District Court Judge William P. Dimitrouleas in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., .

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Mortgage Fraud Blog - Reverse Mortgage Scam Mastermind Sent to ...
Jan 24, 2012 . Reverse Mortgage Scam Mastermind Sent to Prison. Louis Gendason, 42, Delray Beach, Florida, A loan officer, was sentenced by U.S. District .

The Latest Twists on Mortgage Fraud - WSJ.com
Aug 27, 2009 . Mortgage Fraud: A Classic Crime's Latest Twists. As 'Reverse' Loans Grow More Popular, Scams Put Older Adults at Risk. Article; Slideshow .

Reverse Mortgage Fraud, Mortgage Loan Fraud - The Mortgage ...
The mortgage attorneys of The Hershewe Law Firm know can ensure mortgages follow lending laws and determine if a mortgage falls under reverse mortgage .

When senior mortgage fraud hits home - chicagotribune.com
Mar 16, 2012 . Rogue mortgage professionals aren't the chief perpetrators of elder abuse. . The recent conviction of a Delray Beach, Fla., loan officer for his . ranks homeowner/ reverse mortgage scams as the eighth-most prevalent scam .

Sacramento Mortgage Fraud Attorney | San Francisco Loan Fraud ...
Do you want justice in a mortgage fraud or reverse mortgage scheme? Call the . In the area of mortgage and loan fraud, there are three types of problems.

Reverse Mortgage Scams - Protect yourself and know the facts ...
Reverse Mortgage Scams is here to help you prepare and avoide potential pitfalls. Reverse Mortgages are a special type of home loan that lets a homeowner .

Palm Beach County loan officer sentenced in reverse mortgage fraud
Dec 20, 2011 . A Palm Beach County loan officer was sentenced Monday for his participation in a nationwide $2.5 million reverse mortgage fraud scheme.

5 Reverse Mortgage Scams
Jan 21, 2011 . Avoiding scams and obtaining legitimate information on a reverse mortgage can make this loan product a valuable financial tool for seniors and .

California Real Estate Fraud Report » Reverse Mortgage Fraud
Archive for the 'Reverse Mortgage Fraud' Category. Reverse Mortgage Fraud Gets Loan Officer Prison Time. January 27th, 2012 at 9:24am. A loan officer in .

Reverse Loan Originator, Onetime Company Exec Make Fraud Blotter
Jan 23, 2012 . Reverse Loan Originator, Onetime Company Exec Make Fraud Blotter . in reaping $100 million by way of mortgage fraud, pled guilty Monday .

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How to Avoid Reverse Mortgage Scams
Feb 23, 2012 . The following reverse mortgage fraud information will help you avoid . Blank forms or incorrect information - When closing your loan, always .

Reverse Mortgage Fraud Concerns are Overblown
On that note, I think concerns over reverse mortgage fraud are overblown. . make sure that the lender is licensed to make reverse mortgage loans in your state.

Reverse mortgage fraud: Boca Raton man sentenced for $2.5 ...
Jan 23, 2012 . A South Florida loan officer was sentenced to five years and ten months in prison on Friday for his role in a $2.5 million reverse mortgage fraud, .

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What are Loan Modification Scams? - Resources - Prevent Loan ...
Loan modification scams are schemes in which unscrupulous people take . Scams; Fraudulent Modification; Bankruptcy Foreclosure; Reverse Mortgage Fraud .

Mortgage Fraud - Three Rivers Legal Services
Mortgage Fraud. You could lose your home and your money if you borrow from unscrupulous lenders who offer you a high-cost loan based on the equity you .

Avoiding Mortgage Fraud & Other Loan Assistance Scams | Bank of ...
Avoid mortgage fraud and other loan assistance scams with help from Bank of America . enough without mortgage scam artists and others trying to take advantage. . Tax & Insurance Help with a Reverse Mortgage · Foreclosure Information & .

Consumer Alert - Reverse Mortgage Scams
Reverse Mortgage Scams by Michael Licamele. Mortgage Almanac . huge fees to act as unneeded middlemen for HUD's reverse mortgage loans, we will make .

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Reverse Mortgage Fraud Red Flags
Three red flags signaling possible reverse mortgage fraud are 1) pressuring a . features of the loan, like the interest rate, fees, loan payments, and total cost.

On this case, it is funny the guy doesn't look like he could spell mortgage nevermind do one?
Clarity is 100% right on!
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FBI — Intel Bulletin Reverse Mortgages
An HECM is a reverse mortgage loan product insured by the Federal Housing . Equity theft schemes are the most common method used by mortgage fraud .

Mortgage Fraud - David Michael Cantor
The Cash Back/Kickback Mortgage Fraud Scheme; The Reverse Mortgage Fraud Scheme; The Bankruptcy Foreclosure Mortgage Fraud Scheme; The Loan .

Bank of America to Pay $1 Billion More in Mortgage Fraud Claims ...
Feb 9, 2012 . CFPB On Reverse Mortgage Deadline, Calling on Lenders » . pay $1 billion to the U.S. largest false claims act settlement relating to mortgage fraud, . The remaining $500 million will be deferred to fund a loan modification .

Mortgage Fraud Risk High in Bakersfield | LoanSafe
Feb 27, 2012 . Bank of America Home Loans · Countrywide . Man From Georgia Sentenced to Prison for His Role in Reverse Mortgage Fraud Scheme ? .

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Reverse Mortgage Scam - Fraud Continued
REVERSE MORTGAGE SCAM AND FRAUD: DON'T BECOME A TARGET . Another scam involves the loan officer persuading the senior to sign over loan .

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Reverse Mortgage Scams! |
This article – Reverse Mortgage Scams has been created to help you . type of mortgage is a secured loan against the home, the Reverse Mortgage loan does .

Reverse Mortgage Fraud Gets Loan Officer Prison Time
Jan 27, 2012 . Reverse Mortgage Fraud Gets Loan Officer Prison Time. A loan officer in Floridas has been sentenced to 70 months in prison, five years of .

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FBI Issues Scam Warning for Home Equity Conversion Loans
Some reverse mortgage and HECM scams are engineered to trick the . When the scam artist approaches a potential victim to initiate a HECM loan scam, they .

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Mortgage Fraud Blog - Reverse Mortgage Scammers Sentenced
Feb 28, 2012 . Green, the closing attorney for many of the fraudulent reverse mortgage loans, admitted he knowingly accepted senior down payments from .

A Reverse Mortgage: Is it Really Right for You?
A reverse mortgage is a unique type of loan that allows a homeowner to turn part . If you suspect that someone is committing reverse mortgage fraud, or if you .

The FBI Issues A Reverse Mortgage Fraud Report
Reverse Mortgage Fraud Schemes from a 2008 FBI Mortgage Fraud Report: " Unscrupulous loan officers, mortgage companies, investors, loan counselors, .

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